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What It's Like To Be a Greenspace Client

What do we offer clients?

Easy Does It 

Our goal at Greenspace Financial is to make it easy to have your financial home in order. That means you have a financial plan, the insurance you need, and confidence your taxes are well managed and timely. There is a sublime feeling we want our clients to experience as they enjoy a cocktail on the deck.

Our Primary Purpose

We serve our clients well because we know them well. We know about their small businesses, their kids, their parents, and their side hustle. We learn all these things the old-fashioned way, through conversation and communication!  

All these details play into taxes, financial plans, and insurance in very real ways. Not only do we know our clients, but we know investments and taxes, and we can make sure the whole package fits together.

If you didn’t mention you bought a new delivery van, but we see monthly payments, we’ll ask for your loan document and decide the best way to write off the entire cost, not just interest expense to save money on your taxes. If we think a different type of retirement plan could save you money, we’ll let you know other options might be better.

If you want to know how it feels to have your taxes filed accurately with all the deductions you deserve, your financial plan in order, your portfolio set up and in step with your needs, and your insurance policies protecting you and your family day and night, give us a call.

Our Key Firm Values

Curiosity: We want to know everything about you, your family, your business, your hopes and fears.

Frugality: Buy what you need, but do not waste money.  (If you are 65 years old with oodles of cash and need a vintage Corvette – we’ll tell you to go for it)

Conservatism: Be careful, cautious, and a bit skeptical. 

Thoroughness: Double check your work so you can get things right the first time.

Fun: Have as much fun as possible, enjoy your time on earth. Keep it lighthearted and laugh when you can. 

Honesty: Tell it like it is

Simplicity: Simple solutions are often the best.

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