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Our Mission

What is Greenspace Financial?

Our mission is to make sure your taxes, investment strategy, and insurance portfolio are in sync with each other. 

Many trades, contributions, and distributions in your portfolio affect your tax return. We believe our clients are better served when the whole picture is taken into consideration year-round, not just in a mad dash at year-end or in early April. 

Everybody's life is different, and it can be hard to understand how everything fits together. We can help. We will listen, ask questions, and find solutions so you can get back to living your best life. 

We want Greenspace Financial to be a safe space for you and your hard-earned money. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We have studied hard and want to put our skills to use for you. Not sure what's deductible for your business? Ask us!

Invest Like a Nerd

Invest Like a Nerd

Our portfolio recommendations take academic research, behavioral psychology, and the tax code all into account! 

Have You Outgrown Your Life Insurance? 

Have You Outgrown Your Life Insurance? 

We are happy to review your insurance to make sure you're still covered! 

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